This Spring 2019 semester I've completed the second course in Berkeley's Linear Algebra series (Math 110) with Professor Olga Holtz.

Traditionally at Cal, students' first encounter with linear algebra takes form of computational linear algebra (Math 54), with a heavy focus on factorization and applications in solving linear problems. In this course, we take a purist approach (as done by course textbook author Axler) to not employ determinants of matrices for the entirety of the course. While this leads to longer derivations and proofs in some areas, this approach certainly brings light to otherwise typically ambiguous and rote-memorized topics.

Here on this page I've compiled my semester's work in LaTeX along with the official solutions.

I hope prospective students of Math 110 find this page useful.

Spring 2019 Exam (and solutions) can be found here:
Midterm & Solutions | My Midterm Paper
Final & Solutions | My Final Paper

Math 110 - Linear Algebra (Prof. Olga Holtz)
LEC 001MW 5:00P-6:29P | 155 Dwinelle
DIS 109F 4:00P-4:59P | 2 Evans

Homeworks (& Official Solutions)


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