A Momentous Year Ahead -

This is my final year at Cal, with an expected graduation May 2020.

This summer I'm taking two math courses (real and numerical analysis) and working on some data-science/actuarial projects on the side. More info on these projects here on the 'Projects' tag.

My goal is to see how much I can do with only the MS Office Suite (Excel, Access/SQL). However in the future, I hope to optimize my projects to include R, Python for data scraping and stats analyses. Then potentially, I'd like to work with Tableau or d3.js for data visualization.

I'll be posting updates here as time goes, but it's best to follow the 'Projects' tag.

Revival of the Dead

With the onset of the new year comes an opportunity to make even more out of this upcoming year.

After over a year of hiatus and blogging inactivity, I've resumed this online portfolio and website which I created and used originally under "http://daniel.financial." Innately, however, my design of this prior website used HubPress (a publishing platform hosted from github pages), which made it clunky to commit changes and updates in the form of blogging and fixing typographical errors. The effort and time investment was simply too exhausting.

I now built this website hosted on DigitalOcean with scalability that reflects my plans for this site and online portfolio. I spent multiple iterations on the website until I arrived with the current result. Now using the open source Ghost platform, the blog portion of this website should make it relatively easy to record thoughts and events.